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WELCOME TO L.N. PUBLIC SCHOOL       All the students are required to fulfill minimum percentage of attendance i.e. 75% for the every month.       WELCOME TO L.N. PUBLIC SCHOOL     All the students are required to fulfill minimum percentage of attendance i.e. 75% for the every month.       WELCOME TO L.N. PUBLIC SCHOOL

School Rules

Believes in making leaders and not the followers



Progress of the child i.e. his/her all round harmonious development is the common cherished goal of the parents and the school. We see the cooperation of the parents/guardians in the following matters:

  1. Please make sure that the child comes to school regularly and intime.
  2. The school sends regular circulars, notices to you. They must be carefully read and followed. Notes, remarks sent by the teachers in the school diaries should be responded properly.
  3. Please encourage your child to participate in various activities that the school offers for his/her personality development.
  4. Please see that your child does the home work assigned to him/her regularly and gets it checked.
  5. Students should bring the prescribed text books, school diary and the note books as per the day’s time table. Copies should be well covered, with the slip having the name, class and section neatly written on it.
  6. Scribbling/Writing on the wall or furniture is strictly prohibited. Any damage to the school property will invite punishment and recovery of the cost.
  7. Please inform the school immediately, if there is any change in the residential address/Phone No.
  8. Private tuition unless essential, should be discouraged.
  9. In case your ward is suffering from some infectious disease, do not send him/her to school.
  10. Please avoid meeting the teachers during the school hours as it disturbs the concentration of the whole class.
  11. In class XI, students must secure stipulated passing marks separately in theory and practical exams, to be declared successful.
  12. Parents-Teachers Meeting (P.T.M) will be held on every Second Saturday of the month.
  13. Parents/Guardians kindly keep fee-receipts safe in their possession for future reference if the needs be.
  14. Parents/Guardians with entry card having their photographs can only enter the school and talk to their wards.
  15. Students without stipulated uniform cannot be permitted to enter the school.
  16. It is obligatory/compulsory for the parents/Guardians to visit the school after every stipulated test and exam. and sign the report file of their wards.
  17. The students of classes Nur. To VIII may take leave during school time only after their parents come to school to take them. The students of classes IX to XII may also take leave from the school during school time after their parents call them from their phone numbers registered at the school.
  18. The onetime charges of cycle stand for the whole session will be taken in the month of April.
  19. To visit the school for any purpose, parents/guardians must carry their entry cards to avoid inconvenience.




On every Second Saturday, regular teaching is suspended and parents teachers meeting is arranged where the parents can discuss the progress and performance of their wards.

Otherwise the parents can meet the teachers with the permission of the concerned supervisor.

  1. Kindly adhere to the visiting hours to avoid disappointment.
  2. Gate pass is issued to children in case of their need only.
  3. Under no circumstance the child will be permitted to go home after the monthly test. If the child is not well, parents themselves must come to take the ward.


The school was established with a well-guided mission of imparting excellent education to the budding talents of areas nearby. Since then, it has never looked back from the objective set for itself. Best possible standard of education, discipline and encouragement to young students has been the hallmark of the school.

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